School Days Lunch Tin class

Ever wonder what to do with all the wallet photos from the packages of school pictures? This class is a great way to use them up and have memories of your child's school years.

The lunch tin is 5.5 x 4 inches in size, just a bit smaller than the size I normally sell at the store. Inside fits a mini chipboard book we will decorate for grades K-12. This is a great way to catch up on old photos or get ahead for a child who hasn't started school yet. There is a little space that you can jot down notes or special dates on each page.

There will be a little stamping, mod-podging, and embellishment adding.

Wednesday, September 9th @ 1 pm. (1 SPOT LEFT)
Wednesday, September 9th @ 6 pm. (FULL)
Thursday, September 10th @ 6 pm. (1 SPOT LEFT)
Saturday, September 12th @ 11 am. (FULL)
Sunday, September 13th @ 1 pm. (FULL)
COST: $15 SUPPLIES NEEDED: adhesive, scissors