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Separation Agreements and Australian Family Law

Society today is very different to a time when marriage was for life and the idea of a couple 'living in sin' was... well... frowned upon to say the least. Here are the statistics for today.

Statistically in a group of 10 people;

Two to three will have had either 2 or 3 defacto type relationships. One or two will have had 3 or more. FIVE will be heading for there first split!

So with this in mind it could be a very costly exercise to have the potential of 3 or more costly settlements. However if you and your (ex) partner can decide amicably then it doesn't need to be drawn out and expensive.

Here are some legal aspects to what defines 'separation'. The Family Law Act states a separated couple as;

To Grey or Not To Grey? Why Are Women Aroused By Words?

Whispering 'sweet nothings' to your darling is considered the language of those who are in love. When it comes to dating a woman, a man has to bring his 'A' game at all times or else he will be shown the door.

There are certain things in relationships that will sway a woman towards you that we are all familiar with; nice clothes, jewellery, cars and fine dining among others. But none are more powerful than the use of the right words to arouse a woman. Saying the right thing to a woman is the basis on which many romantic relationships are formed, which is usually sealed with a kiss afterwards.

What is it about words that excite women to the point of falling under its spell? Let us take a look at what we already know. The romance books industry is huge business, where authors are paid handsomely, to use words that paint images of lust, romance, passion and sex. If a man and a woman read the same romance books, their reactions are guaranteed to be different.

Why Read 'The 5 Love Languages'?

When I first read Gary Chapman's The 5 Love Languages, I was close to tears. "Why hadn't I come across this book years ago?" I thought.

For years I thought that men and women weren't meant to be together because men were from Mars and women were from Venus. I had seen too many difficult relationships so much so that I had no faith left in getting married.

I had grown up seeing very stubborn men and I always thought that all men were difficult. I am not talking about a country where men oppressed women. I grew up in a country where women had a lot of power. Having said that, I still believed that men weren't easy species to live with under the same roof. It wasn't surprising that homosexuality was on the rise.

However, when I read this book, I realised that I had seen only half the picture. It wasn't fair to point the finger solely at men.

Help To Get Over A Broken Relationship

A broken relationship is difficult to deal with. Even a simple fall out with a friend or acquaintance leaves a person feeling under the weather. When that fall out is between you and someone you have been intimate with, or had believed you were close to, your mind and body feel as if you have been run over by a bus. Your life feels as if it has been derailed.

This feeling of having been cut adrift is extremely uncomfortable, unsettling and confidence squashing. No matter how secure a person you are, when a relationship breaks down you are affected in a huge way. Your emotions and equilibrium inevitably become greatly impacted, and not in a nice way.

For some people this is unfamiliar territory. For others a broken relationship can trigger a state of déjà vu. Past experience of broken relationships does not however make ones reactions and responses any better. It can in fact simply make matters a whole lot worse.

New Phyliss Harris stamps

I love, love, love the artwork of Phyliss Harris.  Besides being a rubber stamp artist she is an illustrator for Highlights (the childrens magazine). 
I recently started carrying a line of her stamps in the shop... but I'm sure they wont last long!

The card above was one I stumbled upon while browsing FaceBook.  It was made by Stacy Sheldon and her blog is here:

Stacy's Memory Triggers

I've included a few images of just a sample of some of the stamp sets I have in stock...

August Card Class

A new month... a new card class.
My Favorite Things has new dies and new stamps every month.  The mouse card above uses both, I especially love the Sentiment Strips dies for words.  We will also be using the Copic markers and adding a little Flower Soft in the basket.

The Riley card uses Core paper which we will sand to give it a worn look.

The "gender neutral" baby card uses a new onesie die with the matching stamp set. There is even a mini clothes pin for an added touch.

Its wedding season, this one would make a great card for a wedding or anniversary.

More super cute My Favorite Things stamps and dies.

Class supplies needed:
adhesive runner, pop dots, glue pen, paper snip scissors (such as Cutterbees).

Class fee:
Cost for the class is $17.00, if you pre-pay before your class date it will hold your spot and the cost is $15.00.

Class Dates:
Tuesday, August 14th @ 1 pm. (1 spot left)
Wednesday, August 15th @ 6 pm. ( 2 spots left)
Saturday, August 18th @ 11 am.
Wednesday, August 22nd @ 6 pm. (full)
Saturday, August 25th @ 11 am.
Wednesday, August 29th @ 1 pm. (full)
Thursday, August 30th @ 6 pm. ( full )

July Card Class

 In this month's class we will be making 5 all occasion cards with envelopes.  We will be using a lot of dies, embossing folders, Copic markers, and other embellishments.

You cant see it in the photo, but this one has clear glaze on the fish bowl to make it look like real glass.  This one also uses some Copic blending.

I love the inside verse that goes with this Riley stamp.  Inside says "The greatest of friends help you along your way regardless of the color of the path."  His ink palette is masked and popped up too.

Benton bear has microbeads on his cupcake to look like tiny sprinkles!

More masking and die-cits were used on the cowgirl.


Thursday, July 5th @ 6 pm. (full)
Saturday, July 7th @ 11 am. (full)
Monday, July 9th @ 1 pm. (Full)
Wednesday, July 11th @ 6 pm. (Full)
Thursday, July 12th @ 6 pm. ( full)
Tuesday, July 17th @ 1 pm. (full)
Wednesday, July 18th @ 6 pm. (2 spots left)
Thursday, July 19th @ 6 pm. (full)
Saturday, July 21st @ 11 am. ( full)

adhesive, pop dots, small paper snips (like Cutterbees).

COST:  (please note the change...)
Cost is $15 if pre paid before the class.
Cost is $17 if paid during your scheduled class.

June Card Class

In this class we will be stamping 5 cards with envelopes.
All the cards will be using new embossing folders, new metal dies, and lots of embellishments.

The Benton Bear card above uses Copic markers and some Flower Soft in his bouquet.

The dragonfly card is made from a brand new metal die that just arrived from Memory Box.

The leafy tree card looks a bit washed out in the picture, the cardstock is actually more brown.  This is also a newer embossing folder too.

The poppy die is another new Memory Box release.

The inside verse to this card reads "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it you will land among the stars." 

Class Dates:
Saturday, June 9th @ 11 am.  (1 spot left)
Tuesday, June 12th @ 1 pm.   (full)
Wednesday, June 13th @ 6 pm. (full)
Monday, June 18th @ 1 pm.  (full)
Thursday, June 21st @ 6 pm. (Full)
Saturday, June 23rd @ 11 am. (1 spot left)
Wednesday, June 27th @ 6 pm. (1 spot left)

Cost:   $15.00, class fee MUST be pre-paid to hold your spot.
Supplies needed:  adhesive tape runner, pop dots,  scissors, quickie glue pen (or 2 way glue pen).

Make & Take for Dad

Stop by this week for a make & take DAD card.
Father's Day will be here soon, so make this cute little shirt card for the guy in your life.

You will learn how to fold paper to make a shirt... no cutting involved!
Inside reads "Enjoy your day", so you could use it for a man's birthday too.

Dates tou can just stop in:
Wednesday, May 30th thru Saturday, June 2nd during store hours.

Cost is $3.00

Garage Sale sign ups!

I am taking sign ups now for this years "crafty" garage sale.

Every year I gather together anyone who would like to make some $ on crafting products they no longer want or need.

The sale this year will be Sunday, July 22nd from 9-1.
Sellers will want to be here by 8 am to set up, more people shop earlier than later.

If you would like to sell, all you need to do is:

1.   Price your own items.  Price them to sell if you dont want to bring the stuff back home.
      (Especially Stampin Up stamps... a lot of people try to sell those off.)
2.   Bring your own table(s) and chair.  If you have a yard tent you can set that up too.
3.   Bring your own change to cash your customers out.  Bring some super market blue bags too.
4.   The cost per person to sell is $3.00, goes towards advertising.

If you are interested in selling, email me your name and phone to MonkeyScrapbooks@yahoo.com
Items can be new or used.  Email me with any questions.

Changito summer

It seems like its been forever since I stamped with one of my favorite kind of stamps... Changito.
I made this birthday card for my brother-in-law who lives in Hawaii and surfs all the time!  Its perfect for him.
I added a little bit of the sand color of Flower Soft under his feet, love this stuff... looks just like real sand!
The saying at the bottom of the card came from the "Make a Splash"  Pure Innocence set.

Of coarse if you have the surfer, you need the Changito "pool party" stamp to match.

May Card Class

In this class you will be stamping 5 all-occasion cards with envelopes.
  You will also have a clear box to hold them in or use to use for gifting them.
Tie a ribbon around this box and you will have a nice gift!
(I have extra clear card boxes at the shop for .99 cents if anyone needs more.)

We will be using stamps, embossing folders, ribbon, twine, brads, dies, and more to embellish the cards.  We will also be coloring with Copic Markers.

Lots of different occasions so you have a little bit of a variety.

Be sure to sign up soon, spots for the class fill up quickly!


Tuesday, May 8th @ 1pm. (Full)
Wednesday, May 9th @ 6 pm. (full)
Saturday, May 12th @ 11 am. (full)
Monday, May 14th @ 1 pm. (1 spot left)
Thursday, May 17th @ 6 pm. (full)
Saturday, May 19th @ 11 am. (1 spot left)
Wednesday, May 23rd @ 6 pm. (Just added!) (full)

COST: is $16.00 and needs to be prepaid to hold your spot!! 

SUPPLIES: please bring your adhesive runner, pop dots, paper snip scissors (like Cutterbees), and a bone folder.

New Rileys

Riley the Moose is always doing something new...
Here are just a few of the brand new ones.

Hours Change

I just wanted to post a note in case you didnt see it on FaceBook, the hours are changing...

Monday- Closed
Tuesday- Closed
Wednesday- 12-6:30
Thursday- 12-6:30
Friday- 12-6:30
Saturday- 10-4

Weekend Sale!

Stop by this weekend
Friday, April 13th and Saturday, April 14th
for the weekend sale!

Receive 10% off your entire order (excludes sale items) this weekend
and receive a poker chip for 10% off the next time you stop back!

Cards for mom

 Its time to start thinking about cards for Mother's Day soon.

On the card above I used the My Favorite Things die called "Paper Doll Border" to cut out the doll chain and the matching stamp set for the words.  I wanted something a little different than just saying Happy Mother's Day on a card.

If you came to the last card class then you made the Easter card above.  I used the exact layout and papers but changed the SRM clear stickers to make it a Mother's Day card instead. 

April Card Class

 In the April card class we will be stamping 5 cards with envelopes.  The cards will be different occasions like birthday, get well, thank you, etc.

We will be using different supplies and embellishments to make the cards.  Such as Copic markers, embossing folders, cutting dies, and more.

The bear card  uses a paper glaze to make the honey look realistic.

This card below uses one of the Hero Arts/Sizzix matching stamps and embossing folder sets.

Supplies to bring:
adhesive (tape runner), pop dots, scissors.

$15.00, Class fee must be paid to hold your reservation!  I will be out of town the first week of April so check the store hours before stopping by for payments.

Monday, April 16th @ 1 pm. (full)
Wednesday, April 18th @ 6pm. (1 spot open)
Saturday, April 21st @ 11 am. (full)
Sunday, April 22nd @ 1 pm. (full)
Tuesday, April 24th @ 1 pm. (full)
Thursday, April 26th @ 6 pm. (full)
Saturday, April 28th @ 11 am. (full)

Oh Baby!

I made these cards using dies and stamps from My Favorite Things.
They have a set of alphabet dies that I spelled out "Oh baby" and "cheers" with.

The tags were made with the notched tag set.  Its a set of stamps with matching dies to decorate the tags with.  That is where the onesie and clover came from.

I just added a brad and a mini clothes pin for a little decoration!

New cutting dies

New dies from Memory Box have come in.  I love the cutting dies from this company, they are very intricate in their designs and so pretty.

March Card Class

 March will be here soon, and hopefully so will the signs of spring!  I think my March card class feels a little spring-y...

 In this class we will be stamping 5 cards with envelopes.  We will be using quite a bit of Copic marker blending and some other techniques.  The card above uses flocking on the teddy bear and her blanket. (A bit hard to see in the photo.)

We will be making a card for Easter too.  This one isnt stamped, it uses the SRM clear stickers.

 The card above is a bit dark, I'm really bad at photographing navy cards... they always look black.  Both the cards above and below have sections popped up for dimension, the balloon and the butterfly net are raised.

Class supplies needed:
adhesive, pop dots, small paper triming scissors.

Class Dates:
Tuesday, March 13th @ 1 pm. (full)
Monday, March 19th @ 1 pm. (full)
Wednesday, March 21st @ 6 pm. (full)
Thursday, March 22nd @ 6 pm. (full)
Tuesday, March 27th @ 1 pm. (full)
Thursday, March 29th @ 6 pm. (1 spot left)
Saturday, March 31st @ 11 am. (full)

Cost: $15.00, a pre paid reservation will hold your spot.

If you like Cyber Riley...

If you like "Cyber Riley" on the computer...

Then you will love "Cell Phone Riley"!
This embossing folder in the background goes perfect with either stamp.  These cards are great for any teenagers or any of your technically addicted friends.  The tag die is just the right size for most of the Riley images and can be run through your Cuttlebug or Sizzix.