To Grey or Not To Grey? Why Are Women Aroused By Words?

Whispering 'sweet nothings' to your darling is considered the language of those who are in love. When it comes to dating a woman, a man has to bring his 'A' game at all times or else he will be shown the door.

There are certain things in relationships that will sway a woman towards you that we are all familiar with; nice clothes, jewellery, cars and fine dining among others. But none are more powerful than the use of the right words to arouse a woman. Saying the right thing to a woman is the basis on which many romantic relationships are formed, which is usually sealed with a kiss afterwards.

What is it about words that excite women to the point of falling under its spell? Let us take a look at what we already know. The romance books industry is huge business, where authors are paid handsomely, to use words that paint images of lust, romance, passion and sex. If a man and a woman read the same romance books, their reactions are guaranteed to be different.

A woman's imagination is similar to the fertile volcanic ash, in that whatever you plant in it will yield fruits of great proportions. Their imagination is so vivid that when a romantic scene is described to them, somehow they can convert it into a physiological experience. And what started off as a mere description blossoms into an arousal.

For this reason we can understand why love songs are so popular with the ladies and perhaps why, they love to be swept off their feet with words. Whenever a man speaks a promise to a woman (whether or not he realizes this), he is actually drafting the outline of an emotional contract with his loved one. Have you ever wondered why they insist on a commitment? When you 'commit' to be her boyfriend, lover or husband, you are entering into an emotional contract to play by certain rules. The thought of a woman having someone to call her own, is very exciting to her and this can cause her to become aroused when you use words.

The state of arousal in a woman brought on by the right words is like a nose to a bloodhound. It is a powerful tool that women have that tells them that 'this guy is showing a lot of potential, and he is worth looking into.' The moment a man does not live up to expectations early in the dating game, he is dropped like a hot potato. Women are very fortunate to have the ability to be turned on by words, because it means that they tend to have a deeper appreciation for things that men take for granted.

A man who can look and smell great, dance and has a sports car will always do well with the ladies but if he cannot say that he feels a deep connection to her and wants to protect her, love her and provide for her, then she will get bored and eventually move on. Whereas a man who maybe has none of the previous qualities but can say the right words to a woman will always keep her interested and happy, when she feels appreciated, listened to and most of all loved.