Halloween Treats

After Tyler saw this Snoopy card he really wanted to give one to his 1st grade teacher. Besides Snoopy being on it, I think he liked the Flower Soft (autumn) on the leaf pile.

I also wanted to have him give her a little treat with the card for Halloween. I just got in a bunch of the SRM tubes and clear stickers. These stickers are see-through so you can decorate the tubes and still see what is inside.
I filled one of the shorter tubes with carmel kisses and added a little orange twine.

Just a note: I have some of the orange twine in bulk for .25 cents a yard!

The tubes come in 3 sizes...
The short are .75 cents
The regular size is .99 cents
The longer wand style is also .99 cents

These tubes make great little gifts for birthday favors, teacher gifts, or something small for co-workers.